Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let Me In (2010)

This is a remake of a Swedish film Let The Right One In (2008).
Originally based on a book as well.

I know that when I first saw this the original version back in 2009, I had mixed feelings on it.  Sitting down and watching the English version, I still have mixed feelings.  (maybe I need to read the book?)

Plot:  12 year old Owen is being bullied at school. Abby moves in next door with her dad.  Soon the bodies start to pile up and we learn that Abby is a vampire and her dad is not really her dad, he's her familiar.  Once Owen and Abby realize they have a budding romance, Abby does everything possible to keep Owen safe.

The questions here are what are we willing to do for dignity and desire?  There is a scene where Abby climbs into bed naked with Owen after having killed her familiar.
As a straight up vampire film, it's brilliant.  The subplots of pre-teen self awareness and unconditional love are something you don't see done honestly in any genre.

This film is as brutal as it is honest, which at times can be very disturbing to sit through. 

If you have seen the original version, there isn't much difference in the English one.  From what I can tell, it was shot scene for scene. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Bleeding (2009)

Plot: Black witnesses his parents being murdered and he ends up in the hospital. He's awakened from a coma to find out he's been chosen to kill the new King of the vampires, Cain.  Ends up his dead brother has been turned into the vampire king.  He's joined by a priest and a cemetery groundskeeper. Can the three of them save mankind before dawn?

You know what, I hate to tell you all this, but we've seen this one before.  In different vampire films.
  • There is a rave where the vampires are draining people (Lost Boys Thirst  did this plotline already)
  • There is a rebel priest who is set to fight the vampires (John Carpenters Vampires, Dracula II Ascension and III Legacy, Live Evil)
  • There is a desert chase at night (Forsaken, Near Dark)
I was disappointed by this offering.  The only bright spot was Micheal Madson. (who has made a name for himself in the vampire genre)

Priest (2011) Rant and Review

Originally posted on my main blog on May 14th 2011 (so if you read my main blog you most likely have read this post already... just saying)

Yesterday the latest vampire movie opened up.   I went to see it today.  Been really hyper about this one ever since I saw the trailer last summer.

I was like "finally, we are returning to what a vampire film is suppose to be.  Brutal"

Only one problem.   THE FREALING THING WAS 3D
I wish our local cinema had said that on the damned website. Needless to say, if I had known before hand I would not have bothered.  The last thing you want to do is cause dren in a busy line up of movie goers so I picked up my pre-ordered ticket and trudged into the screening room.

Next weird thing.  I was the only WOMAN in the room.  Dude! normally I would love that;  I mean me alone with about 45 males and vampires.  Sounds toasty.    Only we're talking a bunch of teenaged boys, and dads with their kids. (okay so there might have been a few five year old girls in the screening room with their daddies but they don't count)

So there's me, five minutes into a vomit worthy 3D movie trying not to let the migraine headache that was starting actually turn into a vomitting sitch.  I was actually thinking of walking out after five minutes but ended up just removing the 3D glasses and watching it that way.  In a very blurry 2D.
So this is one I will be getting on DVD the second it comes out in the fall or whatever so I can sit and watch it properly in proper vision being 2D.
Also did not realize it was based on a comic/graphic novel. 

The movie was very much geared to the males, because even the previews were all for shoot em action movies.  I suppose trying to make a bit of a balance with the vamps after all the Twilight dren in the last few years, which was all geared for teenaged girls.

REVIEW:  The vampires and humans have been at war for centuries. Now, in a remote out-skirt a nest of vampires have upped the game.  They kidnap a family member of one of the more well known Priests who have been ordered to protect humans.  This leads to a renegade band lead by the Priest, the kidnapped girl's lover, and the Priestess-Warrior traveling to the area to stop them. What they learn is that Lucy is being held by a former priest who's been turned into the only living half-breed. This gives him the advantage of being able to be out in the daylight. Meanwhile, back in the city, which is run by the church, a cover-up is happening withing the rankings of the church.  Everything comes to a finale on a train in the middle of the desert.

THOUGHTS:  Well Spudguns, I did like this.  Despite the 3D bulldren,  I was right into the whole thing.  Part western, part gothic, part action this vampire movie was sleek and just brutal enough to make me quiet for the length of it.  It packed a few famous names in it too in the form of Christopher Plummer (Dracula 2000, Red Blooded American Girl, Vampire in Venice,  ) and Brad Dourif (Child's Play)   
Vampire fans know that when you see Christopher Plummer in a film, you know it's one you can sink your teeth into.