Thursday, December 13, 2012

2013 will be...

The year of the vampire.  At lest it will for me and this blog.

December 3rd 2011, I was sitting at home, watching the movie Julie/Julia and had this brilliant idea to do a self induced year long challenge to watch one different movie a day and blog about it.  Which I have been doing on my movie blog Coffee and Casseroles.
That challenge is over in a few days.

I've decided to do another self induced challenge in 2013.  A vampire theme challenged. Here on this blog -The Talamasca Files.

I decided to add one of these countdowns to the post cause I think they are cool.  This one is from the Twilight Guide website.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random vampire stuff Dec 5th 2012

As I sit here this morning, staring at a stack of vampire movies that need to be sorted through, having been on a fan site for something and having had a chat about Vampire Diaries and why so many love the stories;  a thought came to mind.

Are there too many good guy vampires right now?

Somewhere in the last two decades, vampires all seemed to become just misunderstood brooding characters that everyone holds to heart.  Is it time the big screen vampire took a bite back out of things?

Don't get me wrong, I like anything that has people wanting to watch vampire movies and shows, but I think that's what made the vampire movies of the 1930s-1980s work best, they had their vampires squarely on point zero as the big bad.

Just something I thought I would throw out there this morning over coffee. Something I'm sure I'll be touching on again over the course of 2013.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Coming soon

Just a quick note to say that the release date for the movie Hotel Transylvania  is January 29th 2013 (Canadian and American) on DVD and Blu-ray

And, there is a sequel that is simply called Hotel Transylvania 2, which as of right now, has a fall 2015 release date.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quote of the Day- Nov 25th 2012

Going with an episode of Angel .  Season 5 Episode 6 : The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco (aired in 2003)

Wesley "Three people found with their hearts cut out in East Los Angeles. All within the last couple of hours. Police are on it, but my sense is that it's more demonic then some murderous nutjob."

Spike  "So we're ruling out demonic nutjobs then are we?"

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nov 21st 2012

Okay, just saw the final piece of the Twilight Saga.
Here's my little write up of it over on my movie blog. Day 325

I could talk about the film, which I plan to do at a later date because I am planning to spend a lot of time in 2013 on vampires.

But more on all that closer to the new year.

In the meantime, I just want to say that I was really disappointed by the cinema staff letting little kids into the movie.  Half the screening room was under the age of 8, and the movie is just not suitable for young kids.
But that's the issue of the parents and the movie house so enough of my rant.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Nov 18th 2012

I don't think it's much of a surprise to find out that Twilight 5 -Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2, is the number one movie this weekend worldwide.

I read on a few other fan sites and news feeds that it brought in around $341 million just in the last three days.

It beat out the latest James Bond film - Skyfall, which if it hadn't been the weekend of the vamps, would have been the sure bet for the season.

As I said few days ago, it will be later in the week before I have the chance to catch up with the last chapter of this series. But with numbers like that, I'm wondering if I'll even be able to get a ticket.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random vampire stuff Nov 14th

With only a mire few hours left before the release of the final chapter of Twilight, I couldn't let it go past without saying something.

Only, as I sat down to write this, I half way changed my mind.
Over the course of the next week, millions of bloggers, movie critics/reviewers, fans and anyone who manages so see the film will have something to say.  Good, bad or otherwise.

I have to say right off, to the fans who stood in line to get opening night tickets and tickets for the marathon tomorrow in cinemas worldwide, you're braver then I am. For the people who bought their advance tickets online, you're smarter then I am.

It's pretty much sold out here in my area in advance tickets for the full weekend.  I will be getting around to seeing this at some point in the next week, just not right away.

But it's all anyone seems to be talking about. I'm seeing Team Edward and Team Jacob t-shirts being dusted off and worn in all their faded glory, on the streets of my city.
Seeing people in the waiting rooms of doctor's offices reading extremely worn copies of the books, large sales at the stores for copies of the previous four movies, and sold out signs for the posters.

This is suppose to be the final chapter for the Twilight Saga, but you have to wonder, is it really?

This series has made everyone connected to it an instant star.  I have to compare it to Star Trek on that regard. For years to come, the actors who took part in any of the movies, even for the few who had only a few lines of dialogue will forever be identified as a member of the Twilight Saga.

And will that be a blessing in fifteen years or a curse?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thinking of...


Bram Stoker  Nov 8th 1847- April 20th 1912

It is the anniversary of the birthday of the man who created such works as Lair of the White Worm, The Jewel of Seven Stars, and Dracula.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Random vampire stuff Nov 6th

The big ending to the Twilight movies comes out next week.

I've never been shy on the fact that I have lukewarm feelings for this series.

My favourite characters from the novels were Alice and Jasper, and I really just did not care at all for the idea of the character Renesmee.  I think it's the name as much as the idea that Jacob imprints on her.  But that's another topic for another post.

I've pointed out my views on the whole relationship that Bella gets into with Edward and Jacob throughout the last four years throughout the internet. (again, another time another post)

At the same time, the series does have some good qualities.

Let's face it, every generation or so the genre needs a kick in the arse. Anne Rice did it back in the 1970's and 1980's with the introduction of her novels Interview with the Vampire (the Vampire Chronicles book 1)  and Vampire Lestat (Vampire Chronicles book 2)   it made people view the world, the idea of vampires in a new light.
L.J. Smith created her vampire world with the offering of the Vampire Diaries in the early 1990's, Then Joss Whedon gave us Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 1990's and 2000's.

And because the vampire is a metaphor that is excellent for everything and everyone, it was the perfect metaphor for sexual repression, then it got well... sleazy.  Really sleazy to the point you couldn't toss a stake without seeing the vampire as the posterchild for sex.

And this is where I have to say, Stephenie Meyer was needed. Her Twilight Saga helped to clean up that side of the image. It opened the vampire once again to a new generation of fans, and with a new outlook on how it was connected to society.
I think it reminded people that there were other metaphors, other issues that were rooted with the image of the vampire.

There is a purpose and a time for everything, but it was sort of sad and disappointing there for a few years when everything with a vampire on it's cover or in it's title was about sex.

Meyer has managed to take the sleaze out of the modern vampire and still keep the sexuality.

The sparkles... well that's another issue for another post.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Hallowe'en!

No matter if you are spending it inside watching spooky movies (like I am tonight) or hanging out at a party, stay safe.

Twilight Guide

Friday, October 26, 2012

Recap of Mockingbird Lane

The pilot episode of the hopefully new show Mockingbird Lane, was interesting, entertaining and silly.

I have to say, I went on record (in the GetGlue thread for the show) saying that I think the weak link is the casting of Jerry O'Connell.  That was for the first half of the show, but midway, I sort of changed my mind.
The choice of Eddie Izzard as Grandpa was brilliant. 
The wardrobe given to Portia de Rossi, was a bit much.  The clothes did not suite the character at all. But her acting was just smug enough to hint at the fangs she's suppose to have.

The plot itself, felt rushed.  It would have been better if this had been a two hour movie. 
Personally, I'm in for this being expanded on and becoming a new series.  Even a short 8 part mini-series would make happy.   This has so much potential but I don't think it was given enough time on air in only an hour.

The oneliners were spot on, with jokes like telling Eddie he couldn't have any vegetables till he ate his meat.

I hope that NBC seriously considers giving this an honest try in a few months.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mockingbird Lane

NBC is debuting it's new remake of the Munsters; called  Mockingbird Lane on Friday October 26th (2012) as a one hour Hallowe'en special.

If all goes well, the rest of the series' episodes will be picked up as a mid season show in 2013.

It's listed for an 8pm EST showing, to be followed by the hit Grimm (perfect combo actually)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thinking of...

Bela Lugosi (Oct 20th 1882-Aug 16th 1956)

The man who brought Dracula to the stage and to the minds of millions. It is the anniversary of his birthday.

Though he tried to prove he was more then just an actor who could play the famous count, he ironically ended up being typecast; and is still considered the face of Dracula, the voice of Dracula.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NBC sinks their teeth into it

I just heard that NBC is in the process of creating a new series -10 episodes I believe which would be a mini-series- based on the classic novel Dracula.
The bit I've been able to dig up, has it slated as a 2013 show.  Haven't heard anything on if it's a summer show or mid-season (Jan-May) show, only that they are about to start production (the article I found said late 2012 and it was written in July 2012 so I'm guessing it's most likely in production by now)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is suppose to be playing Dracula.  The first thing I ever saw Meyers in was the mini-series Gormenghast back a decade ago, and thought then that he would make a perfect vampire. (I always thought he'd make a great Armand) As Gormenghast has this vampiric tone to it to begin with.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Birthday...


The woman who gave the world The Vampire Chronicles and Lives of the Mayfair Witches has a birthday this week (October 4th)

Without her works the world of vampire fiction would not be as it is today.   The world of dramatic fiction would not be as colourful as it is today, she really is the voice who helped to change the minds of millions.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2nd 2012

The dvd/blu-ray/digital rental for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows was today here in Canada, and I just finished watching it on Shaw Video On Demand.

I laughed out loud, sang along and then did my little write up about it over on my one movie a day blog... It's Day 281

I don't think I am alone in saying that it was about time Johnny Depp and Tim Burton did an official vampire story.  This also marks Jonny Lee Miller's 3rd vampire film (Dracula 2000, Byzantium, Dark Shadows.   His 4th if you count his portrayal of Lord Bryon in the 2003 made for tv movie)
Sir Christopher Lee has a small cameo as a sea captain, and the cast of the original soap opera have cameos as well in the party scene.  

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vampire Saturday Sept 29th

Dudes, I just spent the last hour and a half watching a kid's movie.  Not the one I thought I'd get to see this weekend either.

My movie de jour today  (Day 278)  on the one movie a day blog was    The Vampire Dog  

That's seriously  a sentence I never thought I would ever say or write. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sept 25th 2012 Random vamp stuff

Hey my Spudguns! 

I just wanted to run in here and say hey... hey!

I have been putting some energy into this blog as of late, to bring it back from the dead... it's alive!... well, it's Un-dead...  anyways, because I have been doing my damnedest to balance out my blogs.  I have a few, and if you're a loyal Spudgun, then you know it's hard to keep up with it all.  And if you're a loyal Spudgun, then I LOVE YOU!!!! ... except the zombie in the back of the room who is spewing zombie goo all over my crypt. I don't love you, you're making too much of a mess.  And who let the werewolf in here? Dude, I just had the carpets shampooed.

Yes I'm in a good mood and part of that is the fact that there are some new vampire films being released in the next few weeks.

The movie Hotel Transylvania is being released this coming weekend.  A 3D cartoon done in the style of classic monsters.  I may have to rent a hearse for this one. 

Tim Burton's Dark Shadows  is getting a DVD release next week on the 2nd of October.  

While, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is getting it's DVD release on the 23rd of October.

And of course,  the final installment of the Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Twilight #5) is going to be in cinema on November 16th. 

Hope everyone is having a groovy week.  

all dates are Canadian and American release dates.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Vampire as Metaphor

Agent 807, Oz will lend you some study notes use them wisely.

Sunnydale High October 1999 2000 2001
Everything can be found in the image of the vampire. From love to lust to feeling like a leftover slice of bacon.  {remembers the time the group of students ate the school mascot then the principal }

 Connecting the movies Interview with a Vampire, Twilight New Moon, and Insatiable; what metaphor is the most obvious?

The metaphor would be food.  see the essay from March 20 2012 I did for film study class
The idea that most vampire stories are ethical ideas of having a meat diet vs having a vegetarian diet are explored in the stories of Interview with a Vampire, Twilight New Moon and Insatiable. But are not excluded to other vampire stories. 
More times then not, the lead vampire is in some way trying to control the desire to have human blood (meat diet) and makes it a point to only have animal blood (aka a vegetarian diet)

The next obvious metaphor would actually be addiction. Once again, Interview with the Vampire would be the best choice to look at.  Louis struggles through out most of the Chronicles with the desire to have human blood. He usually manages to keep his hunger at bay with dogs, chickens etc.  When he does at one point take a human life, he compares it to loosing what was left of his humanity.
He's lost control of his addiction, the same way someone who's in rehab might loose control, ending their sobriety.

A good outline Agent 807, but you need to expand on the topics.  Your grade is a C+

Quote of the Day- Sept 22nd 2012

Once again, I did a quote of the day over on my one movie a day blog - the quote there was from Julie/Julia and not suitable for here... but for this blog,  I decided to go with ....
The Little Vampire (2000)

Rudiger - "You're not a brother"

Tony- " Well, I'm not a sister"

When the character of Rudiger first sees Tony from his bedroom widow, and Tony is dressed up as a vampire with ketchup and paper fangs.

(you might have noticed that I'm doing my best to have the quote of the day on the same day for both blogs.  One of these days, I might even do the same quote on the same day for both)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday...


The actress who plays the iconic character has a birthday this week.  (Sept 17th)

An original scream queen,  who everyone loves and can identify with.

"I can take it, I can shake it, I can cook it, I can bake it if I don't have the recipe I'll fake it"  - quote from the final dance scene in the movie Elvira Mistress of the Dark

Happy Birthday Cassandra Peterson


Friday, September 14, 2012

Sept 14th 2012

Just a note... again, I'm on a roll... to say that I just posted over on my one movie a day blog about the movie The Moth Diaries. (Day 264)

This film is based on a book, which is based on another book - the classic novel  Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu.

I have not read The Moth Diaries, but I have read Carmilla, and this (the movie version)  is one of the better remakes of that story.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sept 13th 2012

Just a little note on here to say, I just posted on my one movie a day blog... the movie de jour was Snow White and the Huntsman
(Day 263)

And if you haven't seen the movie, you might be asking why it's relevant for this blog.  Well, because the evil queen in this version is a vampire.

Based loosely on the Countess Bathory.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Quote of the Day

As today was a day I did a quote over on my all year movie blog, I thought I'd add one here too.
Over there, it's a quote from the Goonies.  But that just won't fit here, so instead, going with one from Buffy the Vampire Slayer  original movie (1992)

Amilyn- "We're immortal Buffy, we can do anything"

Buffy- " Oh yeah? Then clap"

Kristy Swanson (as Buffy)  to  Paul Reubens (Amilyn - who's missing an arm) while they're in the school basement at the prom.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thoughts on the ....

Okay, so I got to see the first episode of the show.
As in Episode 1 Season 1.

I know, I mentioned that even though this show has been on air for the last few years, this is the first it's been available in my area.   Now, I wasn't going into this completely blind, as I've read the original books ... 20 years ago.

My first thought while watching this was, I could have sworn the lead female character was suppose to be this mega blonde. As in near albino blonde.  But, it has been 20 years since I've read the books and my memory is not what it should be.

I've also seen trailers and commercials for this over the last couple of years, so the reveal of the two brothers wasn't much of a shock either.
Sort of takes away from the whole point when you look at it from that point of view.

So far, episode one was good.  I think it laid down the ground work for the feuds well.  Honestly though, it could have had at lest one more fang-filled scene.  But, for a one hour episode, it managed to get the baseline of the story told in a clear and understandable way without coming off as egotistic.

If by chance, you're like me and haven't seen the show before, it's about two vampire brothers who are fighting over the same girl.  One will stop at nothing to get the upper hand, while the other just wants to be able to live in peace.

I actually talked about the original books on another blog about 3 years ago.  Comparing the story plot to a few other vampire movies/books with the same theme.
I believe, the theme is used so often because it's a theme that defies generations and fads.  It's something that happens all too often.

I can see why this show has gained the following it has. Which, had you asked me a few years ago I might not have.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Aug 31st random vampire stuff

We had a free week of Teletoon Canada  in my area this week.  And this is important for the fact that is it carries the show  My Babysitter is a Vampire

I got to check out an episode.

Okay, let's see, it's a tv show based on a movie geared for kids under the age of 13 and French-Canadian originally.   Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Are You Afraid of the Dark 
And I can totally see why the creators would want to go for something like this.
Vampires sell.  They have for a few hundred years.
And Canadian television has been one of the best for producing vampire shows -Forever Knight, Dracula the Series, Vampire High, Blood Ties. the cartoon Mona the Vampire, not too mention the success of Big Werewolf on Campus,  okay not a vampire show but in the same vein plus it had vampire episodes starring both Corey Feldman and Corey Haim from the Lost Boys movies, and one of it's main stars would go on to play a vampire in two of the Twilight movies.

I know this is based on a made for tv movie, which I have not seen yet.

With all this said, I have to say,  I was disappointed in the show.  I know I only got to see one episode and that's not a lot to go on, but I just felt like I've seen all this before.  Again, I point out how similar it is to the feel of Big Wolf on Campus.

Even given the fact it is geared for kids between 8-13,  it still was missing something to root it.  If it's possible for a television show to have ADD, this one had it.  It made little sense and just seemed like a way too watered down version of other vampire shows we've seen in the last twenty years.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fangs for the Memories- Quote of the Day

This will most likely be random, as in not every day or even every week.  But I have been doing a few of these over on my main movie blog Coffee and Casseroles, and thought I would start doing this here for the vampire films.

Girl at dance- "I love your costume"

Mark- "I'm not wearing a costume"

From the scene when Jim Carrey's character shows up with his girlfriend for the costume party.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

From book to screen

Vampire Diaries.

I know this show has been on the air for a few years, but we're only getting it in my area now.  We'll be getting this on Cosmo Canada starting in a few weeks.
I'm not sure how this show is going to be.  As a fan of the original books by the original writer L.J. Smith (I know the new series is being ghostwritten by other writers now) I'm not sure how the updates are going to play for me.
In a way, I think newer fans have a leg up because there are no expectations.

With that said, it will be interesting to see how the 20+ year old books are translated to modern tv.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aug 19th Random vampire stuff

I saw the trailer for the new remake of Total Recall  few weeks ago and realized something, all the main cast members have done vampire movies in the past.
I added a list to my profile over on Letterboxd but here's the basic rundown...

 Colin Farrell - Fright Night remake

 Kate Beckinsale - Underworld, Underworld 2 Evolution, Underworld 4 Awakenings, Van Helsing

 Bill Nighy- Underworld, Underworld 3 Rise of the Lycans,

 Jessica Biel- Blade 3 Trinity

Bokeem Woodbine- The Breed, Blade the tv series

 Also... The release date for the DVD/Blu-Ray of  the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp version of Dark Shadows is October 2nd in Canada and the US. 

and Hotel Transylvania will be getting a cinema release on September 28th in Canada and the US.  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blog update

There seems to be something very wrong with the comment box.
I've just spent the last half hour going through each post and turning back on the comments. I've been having this issue on my wrestling blog as well for the last few months, but it seems when I asked about it in the Blogger help area, they said it was just a glitch and would straighten out on it's own.
That was nearly two months ago.

Anyways... as of right now at 11:50am on Saturday August the 18th 2012, the comment boxes are all working again on this blog.

Ardeth Blood

Monday, August 6, 2012

365 Days of Fangs

It's crawling out of the crypt.

365 Days of Fangs.

Stay tuned for more...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday July 29th 2012

As I mentioned the other day, I had planned on doing a blogathon today over on my movie year challenge blog.
Here' is the link to the post I did.

All I can say is at this point I'm disappointed.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Classic Monsters blogathon

I'm trying to scare up some new blood for a monster blogathon I'm having next week over on my all year movie challenge blog.
The details are simple... pick 2 classic style monster films from any decade and on July 29th 2012 crawl on over to my other blog.  Here's the link

While I'm here, I'll just mention that I saw the vampire film  Midnight Son the other day,  it was part of the challenge so ... here's that link too

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wait till Your Vampire Gets Home-review

Book #4 in the Broken Heart series by Michele Bardsley.

Plot:  A paranormal investigator shows up in Broken Heart just in time to be attacked by two dragons in the middle of a deadly fight.  But she's not the only one, a recently turned vampire who was hanging around the tomb of his late wife, also finds himself caught.  Soon both are running from the one dragon while fighting their own passion for each other.

By introducing an entire new set of characters to the mythos, Bardsley manages to bring her series back from the edge {yeah my last post I talked about not caring that much for book #3}
Not much is really given about the already established characters from the first half of the series, but it does draw you in quickly.

The books in this series are easy to understand, they don't take themselves overly seriously but still manage to not be cheesy.  {if you're a fan of Buffy or Charmed you will understand what I mean} They are also highly addictive.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Because Your Vampire Said So- review

This is book 3 in the Broken Heart series by Michele Bardsley.

Plot:  Patsy the vampire who runs the local beauty salon, has just been told that she's the center of a prophecy.  Soon she's being hunted by half the Ancients, and finds herself able to copy their powers.  Can she handle suddenly being the queen of the undead, and keep her teenaged son in rehab?

I loved books 1 and 2 of the series, but this one left me cold.  It just felt way too Army of Darkness for me. {there is literally a scene where the lead character raised an army of zombies}

I don't know if this book was meant to be the end of the series originally, or if the author was just going through something major in her life and decided to make it as serious as she could? But it just felt out of place with the rest of the mythos already created in the other two books.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Don't Talk Back To Your Vampire -review

The second book in the popular Broken Heart  series by Michele Bardsley, is Don't Talk Back to Your Vampire.

Plot: Eva is a single mom who's been turned into a vampire like half the people in her small suburb. Her and her daughter are now being threatened by a group of rouge vampires and lycans.  As her powers grow, so does her attraction to the vampire prince.

I literally read this book in less then five hours.  I just could not put it down.
The author combines a modern 'reality' perfectly with Irish myth. You're drawn into the world completely with every sentence.  It's got a slight soap opera feel to it but that is what makes it so enjoyable.

There are a few scattered sex scenes, but thankfully they are so skillfully scattered and well written that it heightens the plot; and does not overwhelm the reader. {unlike so many other so called vampire stories that just feed you sex for no reason}

I originally did a review of the first book in the series on my old blog which you can read here

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vampire High- DVD

The 2001-2002 Canadian vampire soap was released not too long ago on DVD.
I just tracked down a copy. 

I was very disappointed to find out that there are no extras, and worst of all; only 3 episodes on the DVD.
This particular disk has episodes 5,6 and 7.

The episodes are in their original format and slightly grainy.

After viewing the DVD, I tracked down some information on the DVD release, and it seems that only the first 8 episodes were ever released on DVD.

The show was always a nice twist on the vampire genre, and still holds up a decade later.  But unless you are a collector I would by pass this. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Vampire Book -Review

This is the Third Edition of the very popular Encyclopedia of vampires by J. Gordon Melton PHD.   The original was published back in 1994, and the second edition in 1998-99.

The need for the update is obvious, as so much has taken place in the world of vampire fiction and fact in the last 13 years since the second edition.   With updates on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight etc.  What this volume lacks however is the one thing that made the original book back in 1994 the cultclassic it's become; and that is the intense listings of vampire movies/books/plays/shows.   The original was a mega centerpiece for any vampire collector's library.   This one is nice, but it just doesn't have that extra bite.

I can only hope that the Doctor has up his sleeve a second round of his Videohound's Vampire Film Guide.   {which was printed in 1997 and a collector's item as is the original 1994 First edition of the encyclopedia}

Friday, January 6, 2012

1 movie a day

I've ventured to challenge myself to watch 1 different movie a day for a year.   Today, marks Day 35 and it's a vampire movie day.  

Movie Blog

Given the fact that I'm sort of lazy and just do not want to have to re-type each time,  I will post the link to that blog.  There will be many vampire films to be seen over the year as it is my favourite genre.

P.S.   I just got my hands on a copy of the Third Edition of the Vampire Book  {Encyclopedia}  by Melton.  So I will be doing a review on that later in the week.